Execution Management

FlowchartLife Sciences R&D is high-risk, costly, and often lengthy. Faced with hurdles both external (changing global regulations, clinical and technological uncertainty, fierce competition) and internal (cross-functionality struggles, resource constraints), your organization’s ability to execute projects efficiently and effectively is paramount. Organizations that successfully link their strategy and execution far outperform their peer group companies.

AfR’s Life Sciences Program and Project Management experts help you build the execution capability needed to clearly prioritize the projects that bring the most value to your business, better define scope, cost and scheduling, implement robust risk management and complete projects in less time than your competitors.


Life Science Program and Project Management (LSPM) Capability

Managing a project-based business requires a wide range of skills, knowledge and competencies as well as the ability to get people to work in a true collaboration across organizational and cultural boundaries.

AfR’s organizational PM Capability Assessment can determine the PM maturity level of your organization, pin-point areas of critical improvement, and build a roadmap to achieve a better project performance.

PM Capability: Do you know where your organization stands? Take a look: PM_Capability

LSPM Skill Building & Career Paths

Because projects are the way by which strategy is executed in Life Science companies, project management is a critical core competency for your organization.

From project management foundation skills through advanced methods for implementing complex programs and projects, AfR’s project management methodology can be customized for different life sciences environments (e.g., drug development vs. device development, supply chain, manufacturing), and is in alignment with the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® / ANSI standard for Project Management).

PMO Implementation

A well-functioning Project Management Office (PMO) drives the application of consistent, repeatable program and project best practices that add value to product development and delivery.

AfR will implement an effective PMO that drives cross-functional product development, ensures timely and effective communications, supports executives in effective decision-making, has a focused plan for project recovery and improves project execution capability.

Resource Optimization

Resource optimization and management, when aligned with priorities established through project portfolio prioritization, ensures that the right resources are allocated to the right projects when they are needed.

AfR will help you create a resource view that links to and spans all projects in your portfolio, so that resource overages can be identified in advance at the department and/or individual level and appropriate actions taken.  Resource management can be overwhelming if approached as a pure bottom-up exercise, so we work with you to strike the right balance between the level-of-detail needed to make resource decisions and the level-of-effort necessary to obtain resource data.

High Performing Project Teams

The discipline of project management goes far beyond those whose job title is “project manager.”  For projects to be executed well, we need the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles.

AfR performs team assessments, translates project roles and responsibilities into specific practices and skills, and creates the competencies and practices needed for empowered teams to assess and improve their own performance.