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Action for Results (AfR) helps life sciences companies create better patient outcomes and sustainable value by transforming their product delivery, project execution and culture.


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Mastering Transformation

Life Sciences companies are going through major change. They must become intimate with the patients and customers they serve, connecting data-driven technologies, scientific discoveries, and patient care to create improved health care outcomes and value. No one is excluded. Large companies are rethinking their business models; medium-size companies are redesigning processes and building new capabilities; small companies are wondering when and with whom to partner…

Leaders everywhere struggle trying to balance stability and agility, as the business and customer demands keep increasing. Many change initiatives start gloriously but fail to yield the desired results as many companies lack a common frame and skills needed to lead 20th century transformation. What’s different? The pace, the complexity, the possibilities… Succeeding in innovation requires connecting capabilities inside and outside of one’s direct control -- through relationships. Today’s leaders need to transform and synchronize customer, employee and partner relationships to make change stick. That’s the leaders’ job. Those who master it, will accelerate change over others.

Don’t let your next transformation fail. Find out how to build a flexible approach and roadmap that engages the right stakeholders and produces the right results.

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Product Delivery

Patient driven innovation and winning solutions hinge on building and advancing new capability. A clear innovation strategy guides investments and creates a balanced frame for trade-offs between short and longer term priorities.


Mastering program and project execution builds confidence and credibility. Companies that build systematic project management capability and apply it cross-functionally and with partners far outperform their competition.

Culture & Leadership

Culture defines the speed to outcomes and is shaped by the Leaders’ Agenda. When the culture of the organization is misaligned with its strategy, change will be difficult to manage, and execution suffers.

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