Action for Results (AfR) works with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to assess, develop, and implement product development and project management practices to improve the sustainability and value of their innovation pipeline.

Our collective expertise in strategy development, cross-functional execution, product development and project management processes, and human and organizational dynamics, contributes to our well integrated methodologies and pragmatic consulting approach.

We connect the dots between strategy and execution capabilities and balance what’s needed to meet current commitments and ensure future growth for your organization.

Color_testtubesProduct Development Capability

Innovation, creativity and design for value are necessary driving forces behind successful Life Science companies. However, these must co-exist with a clear, market-driven business strategy and consistent, cross-functional product development processes and practices.

At AfR, we work with our pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients to ensure the successful design, development and delivery of their products – from Discovery through Launch. We do this by scrutinizing existing processes, identifying assets, strengths and gaps, and partnering with our clients to build capabilities, methodologies, and tools to complement their existing framework.  More


 Execution Management

Life Sciences R&D is high-risk, costly, and often lengthy. Faced with hurdles both external (changing global regulations, clinical and technological uncertainty, fierce competition) and internal (cross-functionality struggles, resource constraints), your organization’s ability to execute projects efficiently and effectively is paramount.

AfR’s Life Sciences Program and Project Management experts help you build the execution capability needed to clearly prioritize the projects that bring the most value to your business, better define scope, cost and scheduling, implement robust risk management and complete projects in less time than your competitors. More


Learning & Development

One of AfR’s primary values is to help our clients find their own power by being the primary implementers of change in their organization. We facilitate, guide and advise – and we also provide the skills, knowledge and tools to ensure that we leave behind self-sufficiency and increased capability when our work is completed.

Basic project management, leadership and facilitation skills, risk management, PDP awareness, advanced scheduling – these are just a few topics covered by our customized learning programs. More

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