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Our latest episode of the Leader’s Agenda features Kenneth Burhop, a lifetime innovator within Life Sciences. Ken recently retired from his position as the Chief Scientific Officer at Integra LifeSciences! Before Integra, Ken worked at Baxter International Inc. as their Global Scientific Lead and VP of R&D cumulatively for 25 years!

Tarja Huuskonen had a chance to sit down with Ken and ask him how he has built innovation agendas in companies both large and small and what advice he has for others trying to develop not just one breakthrough but a pipeline of innovation.

On this episode of the Leader’s Agenda, Beth McCombs, the CTO of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), and Kate Cronin, the Chief Brand Officer of Moderna, sit down with Tarja Huuskonen to talk about their career paths and learnings throughout their careers in Life Sciences. They provide tips on how they navigate culture, practice their own styles of leadership, and even share a few insights into their day-to-day work. Listen in and enjoy the latest episode of the Leader’s Agenda! This episode is also available for listening on your podcast streaming platform of choice.

Miyoung Chun isn’t afraid to tackle complex problems. She is a scientist, leader, and pioneer that is able to harness the collaborative power of many -across multiple domains and disciplines. Her “project” made the State of the Union and ignited a nationally-funded multi-year discovery to the workings of the brain. As you listen to the conversation with Miyoung, pay attention to both the “what” and the “how” to gain valuable advice and insights for your own journey as a leader. What’s the one leadership lesson that resonates most with you?

Tom Polen, the CEO of BD, gives us an insider’s view of the mobilization and fast action that the Life Sciences industry underwent to fight a global pandemic: How did BD shorten a 3-year development cycle to 3 months while scaling up its manufacturing capability from 8 million tests in a year to 12 million tests each month? The answer might surprise you! Listen to the whole episode as we explore not only the macro forces that are shaping Life Sciences innovation, but the societal themes that are forcing a new conversation about corporate responsibility, leadership integrity, inclusion, and cultural renewal.

What’s your innovation strategy? What are the systems? And what’s the right culture? These three foundational questions may be at the heart of defining your company’s future as an innovator. Our conversation with Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School Professor, educator, researcher and author of award-winning articles and six books on innovation and strategy, was thought-provoking on topics that get a lot of attention but not always the right action.

Whether you are building a new strategy for innovation, wondering how to transform your company to become an innovator, or are struggling with tough choices and culture change, this podcast will provide a pragmatic view backed with research and experience. You’ll want to hear it more than once!

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