About AfR

was founded in 1994 by Tarja Huuskonen on the tenets of strategyexecution, and capability. We incorporate these every day within complex global life science environments. Our only focus is pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, so we are attuned to the particular challenges you face and are especially qualified to meet them on your behalf.

Our collective expertise in strategy development, product development processes, project management practices, cross-functional execution, and human and organizational dynamics, contribute to our well integrated methodologies and pragmatic consulting approach.

Our life sciences experience is particularly highlighted in our focus and expertise with combination product development and its related processes. AfR's depth of knowledge and ability to execute in this area is unparalleled.

AfR methodologies specific to combination product development include:

  • Delivery system platform development
  • Combination product integration and program management
  • Drug and device development processes
  • Life sciences project management
  • Quality system alignment to meet combination product requirements

Partnering with us means a commitment to building your internal capacity to win.

Our consultants have the life sciences experience, strong business acumen, and global execution expertise, to understand and appreciate the complexities inherent in successful product delivery.

We are passionate about improving your organization and project teams' ability to focus on their goal, while being flexible in dealing with internal and external changes.

We work to:

  • Crystallize your business model based on your company's goals and desired results.
  • Develop robust cross-functional product development processes that will deliver the right product to the right market at the right time.
  • Set the pipeline and governance structures necessary to accurately select, prioritize and resource product development projects for success.
  • Facilitate your project teams to develop realistic plans and the healthy team practices necessary for effective execution.
  • Integrate change management strategies into your programs and projects with both the individual and organization experience in mind.

To learn more about our company's core values in action, download this overview.

How We Can Help

Product Development Capability

A formalized product development process, including stage gates, creates a roadmap for increased value, reduced risk, appropriate resourcing and effective decision-making.

Execution Management

Realistic, integrated planning ensures the right products are delivered at the right time with the right results.

Learning & Development

A customized training approach means understanding and increasing your organization’s unique skill and knowledge needs.