Our History

We have 25 years of experience orchestrating and supporting corporate and healthcare system transformations,

including building new partnerships for innovation and value creation. 

Our collective expertise includes strategy development, product development and governance, and project management – along with human and organizational dynamics. We have built our own methods and knowledge-base in key domains of medical product delivery and execution –  including pragmatic guidance and tools. We help our customers prioritize what’s most important to change while leveraging what’s best from their past skills, processes and tools – always focusing on what it takes to make change stick.

Our Visionary Integration Team

Action for Results is built on a hybrid organizational model that minimizes unnecessary overhead while building and maintaining
our core competencies and research body of knowledge.

Our methods, tools and content are constantly enhanced by the efforts of our core team of visionaries and integrators that make it possible for our consultants to focus on what matters the most: bringing the best value to every customer experience.

Tarja Huuskonen


Choreographing the future

Colleen Clark

Results Accelerator

Mobilizing focused action

Tracy Colahan

Strategic Collaborator

Infusing vision with spirit

Erkki Goodwin


Defining direction in the midst of chaos

Janice Laskey

Creative Design Lead

Inspiring through visual expression

Gayle Hurd

Finance Humanitarian

Enabling Forward Growth

Ville O’Dell


Inventing novel paths for learning

Gary Chin

Capability Architect

Designing what’s possible

Our Leading Edge Consultant Team

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of global medical product design and development. They are curious and passionate contributors to our methodologies, who partner with each other and our customers to develop and integrate new approaches and practices, empowering teams and individuals. AfR consultants include:

  • Expert advisers with deep domain knowledge and ability to provide pragmatic guidance.
  • Practitioners with the breadth and depth of skills needed to deliver high quality and innovative medical products.
  • Transformation and leadership coaches and trainers who know how to build and enable empowered action.

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