Project Execution

Companies that master execution far outperform their competition. They build systematic project management capability – and apply it cross-functionally and with partners – focusing on outcomes, interdependencies, communication, coordination and managing risk. Are your projects constantly missing key milestones? Are you dealing with issues that should have been caught before? Is your partner project keeping you up at night? Request a free consultation to help guide your transformation plan.

Outcome Focused Program Management

Programs are always outcome focused, generating value overtime by building new capabilities and platforms. A clear program strategy and roadmap helps optimize return from project investments and relationships short- and longer term. Best program teams include strategic thinkers and integrators who are able to anticipate and affect customer, market, technological and regulatory changes over time, and translate them to value drivers for future products and solutions.

  •  Is your organization clear on the difference between programs and projects?
  • Are programs given the right strategic priority and equipped to manage short- and longer-term trade-offs?
  • What metrics are used to measure program effectiveness and outcomes?
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Value Driven Project Management

Projects deliver defined value by meeting specific objectives and deliverables. Cross-functional project teams that include critical thinkers, problem solvers and risk managers, build realistic plans and anticipate and minimize obstacles to efficient and effective execution. The cross-functional project core team should include critical thinkers, risk managers and problem solvers who are both willing and able to collaborate with one another, to develop a robust plan and execute with efficiency.

  •  Is your Project Management Office (PMO) building the right cross-functional PM capability for growth?
  • Are your projects delivering based on commitments?
  • Are projects staffed for success?
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Value Based Partnering

Delivering projects with external partners can be challenging given differences in cultures, processes and structures. Optimizing project results with partners requires shared frames for product development, joint practices for project delivery, and a special focus on relationship management and collaboration, including joint governance. Partnership health-checks and interventions can uncover potential sources of issues quickly, build trust and improve collective ownership for outcomes.

  • Have you built the right partnership capabilities based on your product delivery model?
  • Are you getting the right return on investment from partner collaborations?
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Transparent Risk Management

Each organization has its own appetite and culture around risk. Managing risks effectively requires candid conversations at all levels, often resulting in difficult trade-offs. To make this happen, senior managers must be willing to confront and change the organization's "risk culture" to create safe conditions for raising and responding to risks appropriately. It is important to facilitate upfront agreement to behavioral norms, practices and forums that drive the right candor between teams, partners and management. Changing habits isn't easy, but the pay-off is better project predictability and outcomes.


Note:  Project risk management methods and tools are incorporated into the product development process (PDP) and product risk management is covered in detail within quality system procedures, and aligned within the overall PDP.
  • Are team members able and comfortable having difficult risk conversations at all levels?
  • How do risks get incorporated into project plans and governance reviews?
  • Are risk responses staffed appropriately?
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