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Life Sciences Leaders must balance stability and agility, as the business and customer demands and complexity multiply. When leaders embrace a growth mindset to learn from current challenges, and anticipate future trends, they enable a culture of innovation. Many change initiatives start gloriously but fail to yield the desired results, when a common frame for the future and the skills needed to move forward are lacking. The building blocks for sustainable change and strong and empowered end-to-end teams, originate with senior leadership. Shaping the culture is how we close the gap between strategy and execution.

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Shifting the Culture

The larger the change, the more attention must be given to the cultural and organizational elements, that could slow down or block the desired outcomes. Enterprise level cultural transformation requires thoughtful planning and a coalition of leaders across the enterprise, equipped with the right skills, tools and support to lead the transformation. Changes to culture, often prompt the need to address structures, roles, and metrics that get in the way. Similarly, processes and systems that were built based on an old paradigm, may need to change. Identifying, prioritizing and communicating these along the way, will minimize frustration and help empower people based on new expectations.



  • Do the current habits and behaviors in your team or organization help or hinder empowerment and agility in responding to customer needs?
  • What cultural factors are critical to address now in order to make your strategy work?
  • What has to change and how are the changes supported through an integrated approach?
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High Impact Performance (HIP™) Teams

HIP™ Teams are agile, resilient and persistent in pursuing the needed outcomes. They pivot quickly when conditions change or new risks emerge, never losing sight of what's most important. It takes great discipline, leadership, and management support to get a team to operate in this way. Developing High Impact Performance in project environments is especially challenging and works differently from permanent teams. Our HIP Teams guidance, and diagnostic-based interventions and training, focus on equipping leaders and teams with a strong foundation for mastering high impact performance from the start.

  • Are your project and E2E teams empowered to take decisive action? (E2E = End-to-End)
  • What functional capabilities are needed to increase agility and positive impact by cross-functional teams?
  • What team tools, practices and processes are needed to inspire and improve team spirit, outputs and outcomes?
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Leader's Agenda

The Leader's Agenda is about setting clear direction and expectations, and then ensuring that people have the means (skills and support) and motivation to take the right action. HIgh impact leaders start with themselves: recognizing their own motives, strengths and limitations, and paying attention to how their behaviors shape the culture and habits of teams and individuals. They take ownership for their decisions and actions, and develop their teams to do the same, with confidence and courage. Regardless of the level, Leader's Agenda matters. Creating a clear Leader's Agenda and equipping leaders with a toolkit of skills and guidance, is key to building a consistent coalition for moving the organization to the next level and quickly eliminating obstacles to change.
  • What leadership practices are most crucial to impacting the productivity and effectiveness of your team and/or company?
  • How clear is your Leader’s Agenda?
  • Do you have a Leader’s Toolkit that enables you to develop and grow while making an impact?
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