Product Innovation

Patient driven innovation and winning solutions hinge on building and advancing new capability. A clear innovation strategy guides investments and creates a balanced frame for trade-offs between short and longer term priorities.

Project Execution

Mastering program and project execution builds confidence and credibility. Companies that build systematic project management capability and apply it cross-functionally and with partners far outperform their competition.

Culture & Leadership

Culture defines the speed to outcomes and is shaped by the Leaders’ Agenda. When the culture of the organization is misaligned with its strategy, change will be difficult to manage, and execution suffers.

About Action for Results

We have 25 years of experience orchestrating and supporting corporate and healthcare system transformations, including building new partnerships for innovation and value creation. Our collective expertise includes strategy development, product development and governance, and project management – along with human and organizational dynamics. We have built our own methods and knowledge-base in key domains of medical product delivery and execution –  including pragmatic guidance and tools. We help our customers prioritize what’s most important to change while leveraging what’s best from their past skills, processes and tools – always focusing on what it takes to make change stick.


Our engagements address specific issues identified by the customer, and typically incorporate an assessment that allows us to understand the maturity level and specific needs of each organization, along with their cultural context.

Strong life sciences product development and delivery experience​

Keen global business acumen and cultural competence

Comprehensive, cross-functional product delivery expertise

Local & global pragmatic experience managing life sciences programs and projects

Our Core Values


We operate from a deep sense of purpose and passion.


We embrace feedback and continuous learning for growth.


We speak and act with courage, respect and honesty.


We make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, associates and communities.

Action for Results, Inc. was founded in 1994 on the tenets of strategy, execution, and capability. We incorporate these every day within complex global life science environments. We are a niche consulting firm focused on advancing medical product innovation and delivery. We are attuned to patient and customer needs and challenges, and especially qualified to help you turn them into opportunities for growth. Our consultants pride themselves on a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach, applying know-how, common sense tools and transferable skills to “right now” issues while helping your organization build its future.

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