We are the key to
your product development innovation
We Deliver Increased
Project Execution Capability
Our global Life
Science expertise
ensures yourSuccess

Product Development Capability

Building the Right
Processes & Practices
We create and implement innovative cross-functional processes and practices to ensure the successful design, development and delivery of your Life Science products from Conception to Launch and throughout their lifecycle.

Execution Management

Managing a Project-
Based Business
We assess your current project management capability and build a PM structure that combines business acumen, program integration, leadership and rigorous tactical management of projects.

Learning & Development

Connecting Skills,
Knowledge & Tools
We provide customized, highly effective action learning and training solutions that build the competencies and best practices needed to increase organizational and project level capabilities.

Welcome to our company


Transforming Product Delivery in Life Sciences

(AfR) works with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to assess, develop, and implement product development processes and project management practices to improve the sustainability and value of their innovation pipeline.

Our collective expertise in strategy development, product development processes, project management practices, cross-functional execution, and human and organizational dynamics, contribute to our well integrated methodologies and pragmatic consulting approach.

We connect the dots between strategy and execution capabilities and balance what’s needed to meet current commitments and ensure future growth for your organization.

I founded Action for Results, Inc. in 1994 on the tenets of strategy, execution, and capability. We incorporate these every day within complex global life science environments.

Our only focus is pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. We are attuned to the particular challenges you face and especially qualified to meet them on your behalf.

Our consultants pride themselves on a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach, applying know-how, common sense tools and Tarja Mottram, CEOtransferrable skills to "right now" issues while helping your organization build its future.

Tarja Huuskonen, CEO
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